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Problems come and problems go and you may find that your small business IT problems only arise every couple of months and therefore don't feel that an 6- or 12-month IT support agreement isn't worth investing in at this stage.

To make it easier for you to be sure you have reliable IT support just a phone-call or email away, we recommend our Pay-As-You-Go IT Support package, which includes:

  1. Remote, telephone or on-site technical support for desktops, servers and laptops from experienced IT engineers
  2. Service available 9am-6pm Monday to Friday
  3. Problems handled and appointments made within 4-6 hours of initial request
  4. 80% of problems usually resolved remotely and within 1 hour of pick-up

Pay-As-You-Go IT Support can be purchased on a per hour basis as and when needed or in bundles for discounts and future planning.

10 Support Units -> 9 x £50 (10% discount)

25 Support Units -> 20 x £50 (20% discount)

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