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Star: Pay as you go Pay As You Go

Problems come and problems go and you may find that your small business IT problems only arise every couple of months and therefore don't feel that an 6- or 12-month IT support agreement isn't worth investing in at this stage.

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Star: Pay as you go Standard IT Support

TipTop PC provides professional IT support services for Windows-based desktops and Windows- and Linux-based servers without the costs of having a full-time IT technician in-house. This service is perfect for companies who acknowledge their growing reliance on IT equipment but are not large enough to justify the costs of a full-time IT employee - let alone have a sufficiently large IT requirement to keep that employee busy all the time.

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Star: Pay as you go Advanced IT Support

Recognising the requirement for more than just an emergency response, many clients opt for an Advanced IT Support agreement to ensure that as few IT problems interrupt their work environment and processes as possible.

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Star: Pay as you go Fully Outsourced IT Support

A fully integrated, outsourced IT solution for clients who are heavily reliant on their IT infrastructure and demand the maximum quality service at a moments notice. Aside from the 9am-6pm emergency support availability and monthly proactive security management, Fully Managed clients effectively have their own systems administrator who operates remotely with the occasional on-site visit.*

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