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Recognising the requirement for more than just an emergency response, many clients opt for an Advanced IT Support agreement to ensure that as few IT problems interrupt their work environment and processes as possible.

ActivLink technicians will carry out regular preventative maintenance including security updates for the operating system and major applications, security scans and testing for "holes" in the network and infrastructure.

Advanced IT Support means a much more integrated working relationship with our clients, understanding their critical applications and services, developing an insight into potential bottlenecks, and hammering out solutions based on their growth and not out of any need to compete for the latest toys and gadgets that contribute little to the business aims.

  1. An initial on-site visit to assess the network infrastructure and suggest improvements based on current or projected business requirements
  2. Unlimited remote & telephone technical support for desktops and servers from experienced engineers
  3. Available 9am-6pm Monday to Friday
  4. 80% of problems usually resolved remotely and within 1 hour of pick-up
  5. A rapid response: the initial assessment and handling of the problem will be made within 4 hours of the call being logged
  6. Remote monitoring of critical servers and services to pre-empt emergency support requests
  7. Quarterly check-ups of all contracted servers and desktops for security updates and patch installation (of Operating System & up to 2 software applications determined at start of agreement)
  8. 4 hours per month of gratis on-site technician time where remote resolution is not possible *

* After the first 4 hours, service is billed per hour at a 10% discount from standard, non-contract rates.

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