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Activ Link is committed to providing highly effective backup systems to all customers, from the one-person business to multiple office businesses with highly complicated business needs. We have created the following backup services to accommodate the needs of a wide range of businesses

Data Backup* £10 Self-Install fee (Installer package downloaded) or £50 Expert Installation Fee

Protecting your organisation's data is critical. Activ Link will provide the software to install on your local desktop or server that will collect all of your important data together, compress it (where possible), encrypt it (with up to 448-bit encryption and a passphrase known only to you / your organisation) and upload it* to a secure, remote location.

Data to be Backed Up
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The remote server includes:

  1. RAID mirrored hard drives to prevent data loss in case of a severe hard drive failure;

  2. 24/7 security personnel, camera monitoring and electronic locking;

  3. Connected to an Uninterruptible Power Supply in a fully air-conditioned, dust-free

  4. Up to 448-bit encryption with a personalised, unique passphrase ensures almost uncrackable protection from data theft;

How valuable is your data? Can you afford to trust your data to just a tape system or a backup service that is geared to quantity instead of quality? We offer daily backups, notification of missed backups, a full month of normal business operations (20 full backups) retained on our system, and FREE technical support - all for one low monthly charge!

With a signed contract, rates will not increase without 30 day written notice to monthly customers. The right is reserved to refuse service to Customer and to cancel service within 30 days written notice. In the event service is cancelled or refused, Customer is not liable for charges for the previous 30 days. Customers discontinued for non-payment are subject to a reactivation fee equal to one month's service. Customer assumes all responsibility for telecommunications charges, long distance calls, and toll calls.

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30 days FREE secure remote data backups on all data backup packages.

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30 days FREE secure remote data backups on all data backup packages.

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